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Year 10 week 17

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I'm going to run with the working title/idea of "Death Row Kitchen Cook"
I think i'll just type thoughts as they come to me so sorry if it gives a headache to anyone reading it!
ill add to this when i get time

warm gentle morning
still air outside
could be any other morning to most of us
hear the locks and bolts screaming out for grease
silenced as they're slammed into place where they belong (possible comparison to the condemned?)

no one knows when or how theyre gonna go but these few sentenced souls do.

its the cooks first day on the job, the cons last day on earth
gearing up to make his first last meal

hes giving someone the last gift theyll ever receive and giver and receiver dont even know each other.
in his mothers bosom for his first meal but its a stranger that'll make his last

hes not here to judge hes just here to cook and he'll do his job best he can.
from lobster to a can of beans he'll do the very best he can

not for a cook to play god out there but in this kitchen he'll do what he can

handwritten note in thick pencil, making the request

scrambled eggs and bacon burnt to a crisp, how those brains'll be soon enough

his taste of freedom denied he'll have to settle for a reminder on a plate

note: the press were always told what the prisoner requested NOT what they received

somewhere the prayer must of got crossed wires, no end to death row just an end to last meals.

the effort put in isnt fishing for a tip and your customs not likely to come back through here again
its just a human consideration

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

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Intriguing. Lots of contrasts - and some really though-provoking lines there.



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I like the details of what is there. In a kitchen there are many smells and sounds, tell us about them. Smells are a powerful trigger for memories.