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Your Favorite Guitarists

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Hmmm.... This is a tough one.

I really love Angus Young, Billy Gibbons, and Slash. I really love the no-nonsense straight ahead style they play. Mainstream Rock I guess you would call it. I don't go for these million notes per measure guys. Give me someone who plays with feeling and soul.

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I can't make up my mind! Of the guys listed above, I only "really" know Page and Van Halen (maybe a bit of Slash). I'd have to give it to Page for his acoustic work.

Alex Lifeson was always a favourite of mine. As well, guys like Neil Young and Paul Simon get my respect for their longevity and breadth of songwriting.

Also, Colin Hay (formerly, Men at Work) is an excellent guitarist; I believe classically trained.

So many good guitarists...and we haven't even gotten around to talking about the ladies...

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IMHO Brian May doesn't get enough of a shout in these polls. He's appeared on Foo Fighters albums and shared a stage with Slash and I'm still trying to reproduce his live solo from Brighton Rock.

Otherwise, Alex Lifeson is my all-time favourite axeman, but I'm sure there's still a lot of support for lots of others. Richie Blackmore is one surprising omission from the list so far, as is Gary Moore, and I can't believe nobody's sounded off about Tony Iommi or Randy Rhoades.

Suggestion for today - check out the late great Stuart Adamson on a couple of Big Country albums - "The Buffalo Skinners" is pure balls-to-the-wall RnB, and "No Place Like Home" will make you sit up and listen.


A :-)

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Nobody ever seems to mention Brian Setzer, either.

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I also give the nod to Lifeson. In my mind he is more or less the perfect guitarist… or as close as it gets, combining great technical ability with a stunning array of sounds and textures and a healthy dose of passionate playing for good measure. :)

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Duane Allman = snubbed!

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The Edge gets my vote

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I love the stylings of Satriani, but I have to give it to Van Halen for my all around favorite guitarist...amazing leads but inspiring rythm skills as well. Oh, and, though he wasn't the flashiest or most talented of players, Tom Scholz from Boston wrote (and played) some of the most downright fun stuff to listen too!

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jimmy page, not that its obvious or anything lol

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Junior Brown is pretty cool. If you havent heard of him check him out. He plays a guitsteel, six string and a steel welded together. it sits on a stand in front of him and he tears both up.

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Mine are Kurt Cobain and Tara Mcleod. They rock!

Echo Kurt Cobain and I'll add Jimi Hendrix

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Mine are Kurt Cobain and Tara Mcleod. They rock!

Echo Kurt Cobain and I'll add Jimi Hendrix

I picked Jimi Hendrix and Tony Iommi (not listed). :D

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My fave guitarists would have to be:
Slash, Angus Young, Billie-Joe Armstrong, Amen (Lordi), Matt Heafy & Corey Bealieu(Both Trivium)
If you havnt heard of Lordi, they performed at this years eurovision song contest and won it by miles :lol: they were the finland band and man were they good :D 8)

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Tom Morello is god...

or so the kids used to say.

Comeon, who else was smart enough to unplug thier guitar live, and use the jack as a way to produce crazy sounds. Then through on the wah stuff. No-one is quite as inovative.

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Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom...simply amazing

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