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SSG4 Week 28 - Radi...
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SSG4 Week 28 - Radio

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I'm afraid, I fell into the trap of writing more about the radio than using radio imagery, but I do use radio as a bit of an alegory ( see explaination below ).

If you'd like to hear it, you can listen at:

©2006 Robert Gowland

Verse 1:

Our homes openned to you
You sang us song
When we hummed along
You altered your tune

A whisper at first
Half truths to the wind
Soak us in the sin
We're doomed to rehearse

Verse 2:

You spill out your hate
Dictate your demands
We're raising our hands
We hand you the state

One voice above all
You called to the hills
We slaugher and kill
You ushered the fall


You're making me
You're shaping me
You're turning me
Into a killing machine

You're all I hear
You're all I know
My sweetest dream
My horror show

Verse 3:

You glide through the air
You tear us apart
We hear what you want
You haunt our minds unaware

You narrow our gaze
Take aim with a word
We killed a million in your name


Let's turn off the radio for a while
Let's turn off the radio for a while
Let's turn off the sounds bytes for a while
Let's turn off what we want to hear now
Let's turn off our favourite song
Let's turn off the radio for a long, long while

Romeo Dallaire's book, Shake Hand's With the Devil, chronicles the UN involvement in Rwandan during the genocide. One thing he repeats is the power of the radio to promote hate and mobilize the mobs. This struck me, and challenged me to think about what messages I am letting the media suggest to me.

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Excellent work mate. And just had a listen -- sounds great too!

Not really anything I can criticize I'm sorry. :)

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This is one of those songs that raelly benefits
from the MP3.

I wasn't sure what to think on first reading
but you recorded one great song.

Good Job


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Yes agreeing once again with John here

On reading this I was concerned with verse 3

But the recording made all concerns end

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Great song, Slowplay. Sorry I'm just getting to it now. I also listened to Opened My Eyes, which I loved, and Why Do You Have To Pay, which with the right arrangement would make an awesome rock song. Well done!


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SP, great stuff, loved the mp3.
I really appreciate your style of writing, keep it up.

Incidently I regularly play your "Ireland" song not to mention "Smell Hound" both great songs.


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