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Easy Guitar Songs Easy Songs for Beginners

Each lesson shows you how to play the chords, strum along and/or pick the notes.

Ukulele Lessons

Not everyone can win at guitar. Fortunately we’ve got a growing collection of free ukulele lessons. If you already play guitar you’ll love how quickly you can learn this.

What order do I read the lessons in?

Some suggestions from us

Many people ask us what order the lessons go in? We’ve tried to meet as many needs of players as possible and this makes answering the question difficult. Everyone learns and pick ups things at different paces. Not to mention some areas interest some people more than others. We give you the best answer we can in the blog post Where do I Begin?

After reading “Where do I Begin?” you might want to check out David’s look back at his favorite lessons in 27 (or so) for 2013.

Buying a guitar

Buying a guitar doesn’t have to be an emotional ordeal. Prepare yourself with a little knowledge before hitting the store and get the equipment you need.

Practice Tips How to boost your practice session

How to Balance
Harp Strings
Country Guitar
Guitar Resolutions

Figure out songs by ear

Obviously some songs are harder to figure out than others. It all takes a bit of practice. Work your way through this series of lessons beginning with Happy New Ear.

Even More Lesson Ideas

Pick a style. Any Style.

How do you get a Celtic sound on guitar?

Get the answer in these Celtic music for guitar lessons

Irish Air
St. Patrick's Day
Irish Skynyrd

Christmas and Holiday Songs for Guitar

until next Christmas.

Happy Valentine’s Day. What could be more romantic than serenading someone with a love song? Easy beginner songs like Hey There Delilah and Crazy Love won’t take nearly as long to learn as you think.